Japanese Expats Spend Hours Clearing Trash In S’pore, Praised For Keeping Our City Clean

Feb 13, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

A group of Japanese expats recently spent a day cleaning up trash around three different locations in Singapore — East Coast Park, Chinatown, and the Japanese Garden. The cleaning was documented in a 11-minute video by Ghib Ojisan, a YouTuber, posted on 11 Feb. The expats gathered in a group, armed with umbrellas and poles, and started off in East Coast Park, where they collected over five buckets' worth of trash, including dangerous items such as a needle, razor blade, and syringe. The expats also spoke with Ghib Ojisan and shared their experiences living in Singapore, including the high cost of living, which one woman estimated to be S$10,000 per month. Despite the high cost, they praised the mix of cultures and safe streets in the country. The group also cleaned up the wet markets and back alleys of Chinatown and the Japanese Cemetery Park, where they collected 10kg to 25kg worth of trash.

Ghib Ojisan urged Singaporeans to do their part in keeping the city clean by volunteering or donating to organizations looking after the environment. He said that continuing to clean would be fruitless as the amount of garbage would increase with each passing day. The efforts of Ghib and the Japanese expats serve as a reminder for everyone to do their part in keeping Singapore clean.

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