Here's how you can be ordained as a Minister to officiate your LGBT besties' wedding legally

Jul 19, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership

Same-sex marriage in Singapore is currently illegal but for would-be couples adamant about getting married, there's an option in the US where you can become an ordained minister for free and officiate your own weddings.

The best part? The wedding is legally recognised in several US states.

It's as simple as adding your Hallelujah to cart

Founded in the 1950s, the Universal Life Church (ULC) describes itself as "a non-denominational religious organization that brings together people from all walks of life" — but it has perhaps become best known for the ease at which the church will ordain people as ministers, allowing them to legally perform weddings.

Unlike traditional religious organizations, the Universal Life Church says "we don't require years of training or expensive courses to become a member of the clergy. Becoming ordained is free, and can be done entirely online."

"Universal Life Church is for guys sitting around the dorm laughing about religion and going, 'Well, hey, look, I can press these keys on my computer and I am a full-fledged minister,'" one divorce lawyer Larry Rice said. "That's inconsistent with the solemn nature of a minister."

The Universal Life Church isn't alone in offering online ordination, but it's among the largest. The New York Times reported that the Universal Life Church at that time had ordained more than 18 million ministers since it's founding.

The ULC's popularity stems in part from a rising interest in having friends or loved ones officiate weddings, a trend which has attracted a range of celebrities to become ordained including Lady Gaga and Conan O' Brien.

Get a certificate and a minister's care package for USD 29.99?

Ordination with ULC is free and it's as easy as filling out one’s name, state, and e-mail address online. You may have to buy the minister’s packet with ordination credentials from the ULC that costs USD 29.99. The pack includes the following:

• Ordination credential (minister’s license)

• 1 ULC wallet license

• 1 black clergy badge

• 1 parking hanger

• 1 minister window cling

• 1 press pass/parking placard

• 1 ULC bumper sticker with symbols

• 1 minister bumper sticker

Workers' Party Jamus Lim an ordained minister under ULC

According to Jamus Lim's CV, he has been an Ordained Minister with ULC since April 2011, ordainified in Seattle, Washington.

That's right. Jamus can officiate your wedding in the state of Washington and your vows will be legally recognised in several US states.

No formal training required. It looks good on your resume too.

Just ask Jamus.

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Intel: S'pore Honda Civic stolen from Genting Highlands enroute into Indochina

Jul 19, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership

The Honda Civic Type R stolen from a mall carpark in Malaysia's Resorts World Genting is likely enroute into Indochina by way of Thailand through a container ship, a Fathership source said.

Indochina is referred to the countries bordering Thailand, which includes Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

How it works

The Honda Civic would be especially difficult to recover, said a source who brought forward the syndicates’ way of operating. “It is believed that the cars stolen in Malaysia will be transported via the sea by container ship from Singapore. Then, it will stop at its first destination, Thailand. It is also believed that Laem Chabang Port, in Thailand is their main destination [to unload the stolen vehicles],” he continued.

The source adds that depending on the situation, parts of the stolen vehicle would be dropped off in Thailand, while the rest would continue on its way to the other countries.

CCTV captures footage of stolen Honda Civic

According to CCTV footage, the Singapore-plate car owned by a man named Damien, was stolen in the early morning of July 16 at around 2.43am.

Another CCTV screenshot showed the thief driving Damien's car out of the car park by tailgating another vehicle through the exit.

Bye bye Honda

The source said, "Thailand had been ramping up it's intelligence network and syndicates are finding it harder to keep the car in Thailand for a long time. To avoid detection, the car will continue it's journey into one of the countries in Indochina, likely Laos as Cambodia and Myanmar's black market prefers 4-wheel drives and bigger vehicles like the Toyota Hilux."

Coincidentally, a Malaysian-registered Toyota Hilux was also stolen from the same carpark as the Honda Civic a day before.