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GE2020: NCMP scheme is a 'poisoned chalice', says Workers' Party's Dennis Tan

Jul 01, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
SINGAPORE: The Non-Constituency Member of Parliament scheme, which was designed to ensure a minimum number of opposition parliamentarians even if they are not elected, is a "Poisoned chalice", said Workers' Party candidate Dennis Tan on Wednesday.

The NCMP scheme allows the "Best-performing losers" from the opposition to enter Parliament after a General Election.

"This is exactly the poisoned chalice of PAP-style democracy - the NCMP system. As a former NCMP, I appeal to all voters not to be deceived by PAP's intention for NCMPs when you go to the ballot box. Please elect sufficient opposition constituency MPs," he said.

The NCMP scheme was started in 1984 after several General Elections passed with no opposition representation in Parliament.

PAP leaders have countered this with arguments that the NCMP scheme will ensure that there are opposition voices and debate in Parliament.