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Commentary: Why are advanced countries experiencing world’s highest COVID-19 death rates?

Jun 09, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
Surprisingly, in contrast to their high COVID-19 death rates, the top 11 countries have achieved comparatively low overall mortality rates.

Countries with similar or higher population densities, such as Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore, have substantially lower COVID-19 death rates than the countries with the deadliest rates.

Comparisons among neighbouring countries with similar climate conditions also provide little insight to explain differences in COVID-19 death rates.

Lockdowns, social-distancing, facemasks, tracing contacts, case isolation and related measures have reportedly been effective in reducing COVID-19 death rates in many countries.

To date, those countries have achieved lower COVID-19 death rates than countries with more stringent lockdowns and social-distancing measures, such as Belgium, Italy and Spain.