Boy In South Korea Dies After Swimming Class, Drowned As Life Jacket Got Caught On Ladder

Feb 20, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Swimming lessons are a great way for children to pick up useful life skills. However, tragedies can still happen in places like swimming pools. In a recent incident in Busan, South Korea, a six-year-old boy drowned during a swimming lesson, suffering brain death and passing away as a result.

The incident occurred during a three-to-one swimming lesson on 8 Feb, in a pool owned and operated by the apartment complex where the victim lived. The pool's depth is 1.4m, slightly higher than the child’s height of 1.09m. Investigations revealed that the boy’s life jacket got caught between the rungs of the pool ladder while diving in.

There was no lifeguard on duty at the time, and the child’s parents were also absent as they were at work. Another student, an eight-year-old, had called the instructor for help when the boy first started drowning. However, the instructor allegedly thought it was a joke and did not immediately check on the situation. The instructor finally realised what was going on after the third child called for help again.

The boy was resuscitated, but he was diagnosed as brain-dead and was put on life support. Doctors recommended that the boy’s parents let him die with dignity by removing life support, but the boy’s mother was unwilling to let go of her son. Unfortunately, the boy succumbed to his condition and died on 15 Feb, exactly one week after the drowning incident occurred.

South Korean police are now investigating the cause of the accident, and the swimming instructor and pool officials may be charged with negligent homicide if found that their negligence caused the boy’s death.

The child’s mother posted on an online forum following the incident and blamed her son’s death on the carelessness of the safety personnel at the pool. She expressed her deep regret and sorrow at the loss of her child.

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