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Argentina's ex-president Macri probed over 'spying'

May 29, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
BUENOS AIRES: Prosecutors in Argentina have opened an investigation into allegations that former president Mauricio Macri spied on political opponents during his five years in office, judicial sources reported on Friday.

The complaint was lodged by Cristina Caamano, who was recently appointed by Macri's leftist successor President Alberto Fernandez to carry out an audit of the Federal Intelligence Agency.

In her deposition, Caamano asked state prosecutors to investigate Macri and said "Emails from almost 100 people were spied on without any court order," according to the sources.

Among those allegedly affected is popular Argentine television personality Marcelo Tinelli, who accused Macri of using "a state apparatus to persecute".

Among those allegedly spied upon are ambassadors, television journalists, union leaders, businessmen, lawmakers, state governors and even officials close to Macri.