'Alive and wriggling': Woman disgusted after finding worm on sashimi from Don Don Donki

Feb 13, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Jayice Tan and her husband had a shocking discovery while eating their kaisen don from Don Don Donki - a live worm on their raw fish. Tan took to Facebook to warn others to check their food before eating it. According to her, the couple visited Don Don Donki's 100am Mall outlet on Feb 8 and shared a serving of kaisen don between them. They noticed something unusual on the raw fish and upon closer inspection, found that it was "alive and wriggling". Tan expressed concern about the potential health risks after this encounter.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) advises that if one comes across poor hygiene practices in food establishments, they should provide feedback to the agency for follow-up investigations. In another incident last August, a woman discovered worms in two bowls of yong tau foo that she had ordered via Foodpanda. She had approached Foodpanda customer service for help and after some back and forth, was given the option of either accepting a refund amount of $4.80 to her Pandapay wallet along with a compensation voucher of $1, or a refund of $4.80 to her original payment source along with a compensation voucher of $2.

Source: AsiaOne

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