18-year-old Singaporean detained under ISA after intending to attack targets in Singapore

Feb 02, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

"An 18-year-old student from Singapore, who was a supporter of the Islamic State (IS), has been detained under the country's Internal Security Act (ISA). According to the Internal Security Department (ISD), Muhammad Irfan Danyal Mohamad Nor was self-radicalized by online propaganda and had intended to travel overseas for armed violence. He was on the authorities' radar and was detained in December.

Irfan had considered plans to attack targets in Singapore, including an army camp and a gravesite at a mosque. Before he could travel overseas, he purchased a knife and had plans to kill ""disbelievers"" and carry out a mass-casualty attack against a local army camp. He also considered a bomb attack at a mosque graveyard.

At the time of his arrest, Irfan's plans had not progressed beyond the ideation stage. The ISD also stated that Irfan's family members were not aware of his plans or intention to undertake violence overseas. Irfan will receive religious counseling from the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) and will continue with his education while in detention.

Singapore has arrested nine youths aged 20 and below for radicalization and terrorism-related activities under the ISA since 2015."

Source: Channel News Asia

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